#294 – Avengers Assemble


Below is the new trailer for The Avengers.

I watched that trailer three times in a row yesterday morning, back-to-back-to-back. I am so excited for this movie; May 4 cannot come quickly enough.

May 4 is over two months away, though, and there’s a lot of life between now and then.

Often we get so focused on our futures and what we want to accomplish that we miss what’s right in front of us. If I get too excited about a movie coming out on May 4 then I might miss getting excited about what’s happening in my life between now and then.

Winter camp.

Vacation to Las Vegas.

Mission trip to Hollywood.


Catalyst Conference.

Watching the Avengers assemble will be great but not great enough to miss out any of the above events.

God has a future planned for all of us that will be greater than The Avengers. However, we can’t get lost dreaming about that future and miss out on the path God will use to get us there. If God would give us all a DeLorean and shoot us into the future, then we could spend all of our time thinking about that future. But God’s not going to bring Doc Brown into our lives and we’re going to get to our futures one day at a time. And we can’t miss out on the wonder and opportunity of any of those days because we’re so focused on the future.

Just like The Avengers, the future will get here when it gets here. Until then, God gives us today and the opportunity to do his will throughout its 24 hours. And if we can do God’s will for today and tomorrow and the day after, our futures are looking pretty bright.

What helps you focus on today and what God wants you to accomplish?


2 comments on “#294 – Avengers Assemble”

  1. Nice post, Scott! In answer to your question, I’ve found that a morning ritual of daily prayer helps keep me focused on the here and now. It is an ever-present temptation, though, to get ahead of oneself, let alone God! Thanks for the timely reminder to appreciate the present as God’s gift to us.

  2. I try really hard to be able to go to bed thankful to God for another day. I also make it a point to find something to be happy about everyday. Not always easy, but it helps be pass time till the next event I’m looking forward to (March 24th- The Hunger Games).

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