#289 – Sex Talk: Part 2

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A month ago I posted about the upcoming sex series for our youth group. For years February, with its amorous nature and association with Valentine’s Day, has been ground zero for youth group sex talks. While we’ve done it at different times in the past, this year our group is tackling the topic of sex this month.

We had our first discussion about sex this past Tuesday. I shared a short message about God’s intention and design that sex is for marriage. (Last week, in preparation for this week, I shared about God’s intention and design for marriage). After sharing the message we took questions from the students via anonymous text message.

I thought about sharing some of the questions. Even though they were anonymous, I don’t want to betray any of our students’ trust.

They had a lot of great questions, though. They asked about how to create good boundaries and how to stand up to pressure and ridicule. They also asked about finding forgiveness and making better choices.

The quality of the questions surprised me as did how energized I was by answering them. I love our students and want to see them make wise, godly choices when it comes to sex. Not because sexual sin is any worse than other sin, but because it can lead to life-altering consequences.

For any of us who have influence over young people, we need to make sure that we’re communicating God’s intention, vision and design for sex and marriage. The messages we receive from our world about sex and marriage diminish them, almost to the point that they’re unrecognizable. God has called us to elevate our vision for sex and marriage back to his original intention, not just for ourselves but also for our children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren and kids in the neighborhood.

From the questions our students asked, I know they’re looking for direction and guidance. If they don’t hear God’s intention for sex then they’re going to turn someplace else. And it’d be best if they turned to someone communicating God’s truth instead of Katy Perry.

How can you share God’s intention and vision for sex?


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