#287 – Nerdy Gifts

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I’ve been reading through Exodus. Like Genesis, Exodus starts with a bang and quickly devolves into a lot of laws, regulations and instructions on how to build the tabernacle and all its accessories. When God gives the instructions for how to build the tabernacle, he taps Bezalel as the one to carry out the work. God says that he has filled Bezalel with his Spirit as well as the skills necessary to build the tabernacle and all its accessories.

Had I been with the Israelites I know for a fact that God would have still chosen Bezalel over me. I can’t build anything and feel accomplished when I hang a picture without making three of four extra holes. Nerds aren’t necessarily handy but it’s possible that their gifts could make an impact for God’s kingdom.

Fan Fiction

Do you enjoy reading the Bible but wish there were more intricate stories about minor characters? I know that the Bible speaks against adding to itself but some faith-filled fan fiction wouldn’t be that bad. Like all other fan fiction, there would be the understanding that it’s non-canonical and not intended to provide the foundation for one’s life. I definitely would be opposed to fanfic about Jesus but, if you have the nerdy skills, why not explore the life of someone like Bezalel? Sure we know that God used him to construct the tabernacle, but what about the rest of his life? What about his wife and kids? What about that time he had to hunt down leviathan in order to find the mystical Hammer of Nimrod?

Video Games

I was in a small group once and someone asked if their spiritual discipline of choice could be playing video games. He suggested that since he didn’t really need to focus on the game that he could use that as his time to commune with God. I would have laughed at him if he hadn’t asked the question so seriously. I don’t think video games are good way to commune with God but they definitely can advance his kingdom. Four Xboxes, 16 controllers and one big game of Halo is a great way to build community. But imagine if a Christian became a phenom, like Tim Tebow or Jeremy Lin, in the competitive gaming world. Every enemy fragged could be fragged for God. Every Zerg invasion turned back would be turned back for God.


I’ve written about this before but nerds really should be the best Christians. When we hitch our cart to a nerdclination we don’t just go on a first date, we buy it flowers, leave it 30 messages and start talking about our grandchildren. Nerds are obsessive; it’s part of our nature. I spent all of the money I got between 10-13 on Star Trek and Star Wars customizable card game cards. I still have both of my decks for those games and I think I’m the only person who remembers how to play. If we simply turned that obsessive nature from minor Star Wars characters to our faith, there’s no telling the impact we could have on the world. We could spur a revival unlike anything that’s ever been seen or become modern-day Pharisees and tell people that they don’t really like Jesus because they didn’t start watching until season 3.

Thankfully God promises to give his followers more useful spiritual gifts than the ones above. We may not have the skills of Bezalel but God has gifted each one of us. He wants us to use those gifts in whatever way we can to bring him glory and spread his kingdom.

How have you been blessed by using the gifts God has given you?


1 comments on “#287 – Nerdy Gifts”

  1. Re: “fanfic”… I would occasionally preach first-person character sermons (Barabbas, John the Baptist, Gabriel). My congregation always liked them, but I eventually thought they liked it too much – the medium was perhaps getting in the way of the message – so I stopped.

    You sound as though you were speaking tongue in cheek, but I think you’re on to something! My Barabbas sermon, in particular, began life as a short story that certainly increased my devotion. (I also wonder if some of the rabbinic Jewish midrash tradition has not a few things in common with “fanfic” – a faith-filled “playing” with the text to better illumine God’s word.)

    And I would read about “Bezalel Jones and the Hammer of Nimrod” in a heartbeat! Can you imagine the potential evangelistic tool “Raiders” could’ve been had it been conceived of and written by Christians? If a quest for the Ark had proven fruitless because, after all, it was never the box but the God whose throne it symbolized who is the source of real power… and whose power is not face-melting wrath but humble, self-emptying, love hanging and dying on a cross?

    Another fun post, Scott. I’m certainly glad you share your gift of writing with all of us!

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