#284 – The Games They’d Play

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I haven’t played video games for over two weeks.

I’ve been busy prepping sermons, working on seminars and watching The Phantom Menace in 3D. It’s been so long that I don’t remember what I was doing in Skyrim. Hopefully I’ll find some time this weekend to fire up my Xbox and kill some dragons.

To tide me over, though, here are some biblical characters and the video games they would play.

Adam – Viva Piñata

Viva Piñata is an Xbox 360 game released in 2006. The object of the game was to cultivate a beautiful garden for the piñatas that lived there. Adam would have been perfect for this game because his main responsibility was tending the Garden. Part of the game also involved protecting the piñatas from the evil Ruffians. Had Adam practiced his gardening and protecting skills in Viva Piñata, he may have been able to defend Eve and himself from that wily, walking snake.

David – Call of Duty

David was possibly the Bible’s greatest warrior. He was a fierce fighter and successfully led his men into battle. Call of Duty is the ultimate warrior’s video game. We know what David was able to do with a sling; it would be great to see what he was able to do with an AK-47 or a chopper gunner. David would also be a lot of fun at a Call of Duty party. He knew how to throw a party, was generous with the food and could probably get a couple ladies to show up. Then, when the party was over, David would be able to lead a small group about pursuing God wholeheartedly. That’s a lot of range.

Nehemiah – Tetris

In 1990 my dad got my mom a Game Boy for Christmas. My mom didn’t want a Game Boy but I definitely did. The second half of my fourth grade year was spent throwing fireballs in Super Mario Land and stacking blocks in Tetris. Even now, over 20 years later, I’m still playing Tetris. I have the classic game on my phone and my goal is still to get as many Tetrises as I can. Nehemiah would have been ancient Israel’s best Tetris player. He dedicated his life to putting block on top of block in order to rebuild the wall around Israel. After rebuilding the wall Tetris would have been child’s play for Nehemiah. Even when faced with a dearth of straight pieces, he wouldn’t have caved under the pressure.

I haven’t gotten to play video games for a while, mostly because I’ve had more important things to do. Some of that is related to work but a lot of it has to do with spending time with family, friends and the elliptical. I may not feel complete without video games but Adam, David and Nehemiah seem to have gotten along without them. So I suppose I can too.

I still want to kill a dragon, though.

What other video games would biblical characters have played?


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