#283 – Jeremy Lin

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Jeremy Lin is the point guard sensation for the New York Knicks. After scoring 25 points off the bench in a game against the New Jersey Nets on February 4, Lin has been in the starting lineup and led the Knicks to 6 straight wins. His meteoric rise has given way to “Linsanity” as the NBA’s most compelling storyline centers on an Asian American.

I have caught Linsanity.

Not only can I identify with Jeremy Lin because he is Asian American but he is also a devout Christian. Lin openly discusses his faith and how it has led him to this place. In an interview with the Denver Post, Lin described how he had to fully surrender his NBA career to God in order to find freedom. Now that he has, he said wants to find more ways to surrender and more ways to bring God glory.

People have drawn comparisons between Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin. At this point, though, there isn’t nearly as much controversy around Lin as there is around Tebow. That mostly has to do with Lin’s undeniable success. Some argued that the Broncos were successful in spite of Tim Tebow. For the past 6 games Jeremy Lin has been instrumental in the Knicks’ success, scoring 38 points against the Lakers and hitting last-second, game-winning shots. Because of his success, Christians don’t have to blindly support Lin while ignoring his faults, which might lead to less controversy.

I don’t know if Linsanity will continue forever. At this point, though, I enjoy being able to identify with Jeremy Lin as both an Asian American and a Christian. Now I just wish I had decided to be a Knicks fan at the beginning of the season instead of a Warriors fan (especially since the Warriors cut Lin in December).

Have you caught Linsanity?


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