#251 – Nerdy Resolutions


Happy New Year!

A lot of people view the New Year as an opportunity for a fresh start. The old year and its unfulfilled expectations are gone and the New Year is filled with so much promise. This hope is reflected in the numerous resolutions people make every year around this time. Below are some nerdy resolutions.

Watch/Read A Series

Starting a series of books or new television show is a great New Year’s resolution for nerds. Even the biggest nerds haven’t read every nerdy book or watched every nerdy show. I consider myself a giant nerd and I haven’t even read Harry Potter or seen any of the movies. The library affords the opportunity to check out any book and Netflix Instant provides the opportunity to watch almost any show. As far as books go, if you haven’t read C.S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy, the series is worth your time. And, if you were looking for a show to watch, Firefly is available on Netflix Instant as is its follow up movie, Serenity. If you have any suggestions for books or shows, please leave them in the comments.

Be Healthy

Every year a number of the top resolutions involve getting healthier. People want to eat better, exercise more or lose weight. Nerds aren’t known to be the healthiest people on the planet and could probably benefit from making and fulfilling some of those resolutions. I myself would like to eat better (which may mean less Chick-fil-A sauce) and to continue exercising regularly. There are some resolutions specific to nerds, though, which can lead to better health.

Go outside and see the sun.

Eat less Cheetos, pizza rolls and Bagel Bites.

Drink a glass of water for every can of Mt. Dew.

Do hand exercises to battle carpal tunnel syndrome.

Don’t try reading in the dark.

Don’t forgo sleep to watch just one more episode of ______.

Play More Skyrim

For all the successful resolutions there are far more that fail and fall to the wayside by the beginning of February. That’s why every year I like to make a resolution I know I can keep. This year I’m resolving to play more Skyrim. Over my little vacation I logged a lot of hours in Tamriel and I still haven’t had enough. Since November 11, I have played Skyrim for almost 100 hours and I haven’t done anything in the main quest. In 2012 I hope to play even more Skyrim and maybe even fight one of those dragons I’ve heard so much about. Share your easily kept resolutions in the comments.

Resolutions or not, the New Year is a time of hope and expectation. It gives us the opportunity to look back on the past year, with its blessings and struggles, and forward to the coming year, with its inevitable blessings and struggles. Come what may, though, we can always rest in God’s providence and goodness.

What resolutions are you making for this year?


5 comments on “#251 – Nerdy Resolutions”

  1. You’ve got me pegged with your second suggested resolution, alas! I haven’t made any official resolutions, but do have lots of good intentions of reducing my caloric intake. It’s a start.

    1. I don’t know if you have a smartphone, but MyFitnessPal is a great app for tracking calories. I’ve found that the only real way to eat fewer calories is to know how many I’m actually eating.

  2. Too bad they don’t have Skyrim for XBOX keniects.. that way you can play and get exercise at the same time. Last year, I got my wife the complete series of Firefly on DVD. Love that show. This year for Christmas I got…I mean my kids got the first season of the Muppet Show.. does that count for number 1?

    Also, would LARPing work for getting more exercise? I’m not sure what the reaction would be in my small town if the pastor was LARPing around town.

    1. As long as you were LARPing through Bible stories I don’t think anyone would have a problem with it. Judges would probably provide more exciting source material than Lamentations, though.

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