2011 Top 5 – #3: #54 – Unholy Breakfast Cereals

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I remember I wrote this post while in Las Vegas visiting my grandma. It’s another post that benefited from Google Image searches. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think people mainly used the Internet to find pictures of Dig ‘Em Frog.

Today is St. Patrick’s Day. It’s a time to celebrate, eat corned beef and break off all communication with any friends that pinch you for not wearing green. It’s also a time to reflect upon how our culture and society have been influenced and shaped by the Irish. That influence can be summed up with one image.

That’s right. The Lucky Charms leprechaun, Lucky.

Unfortunately, everything that usually goes into the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day has nothing to do with St. Patrick himself. Shamrocks, Guinness and marshmallow cereal may have something to do with Ireland, but they have little to do with St. Patrick and his ministry. Everyone focuses on Lucky the leprechaun instead of looking at St. Patrick and his mission and ministry to the people of Ireland.

But Lucky the leprechaun isn’t the only cereal mascot pulling people’s focus away from the things of God.

For years the Trix rabbit has been trying to distract children with his fruity breakfast concoction. Instead of children memorizing Bible verses or watching flannel graph Bible stories, they’re out trying to keep the rabbit from eating Trix. The Trix rabbit isn’t just some innocent mammal trying to steal the children’s cereal. He’s part of a conspiracy to distract children from God so that they’ll buy more cereal. It’s no coincidence that the Trix rabbit is the same species as the Easter bunny. They’re the same species with the same hidden agenda.

Another cereal mascot with a hidden agenda is Dig’Em. Dig’Em is the anthropomorphized frog used to sell Honey Smacks. Dig’Em’s entire character is based upon his addiction to Honey Smacks. He will do anything just to get his next score. It wouldn’t be shocking if the next Honey Smacks commercial had Dig’Em digging through the trash looking for recycling or counting down the days until he can sell plasma again. Dig’Em tells children that it’s good to be addicted to Honey Smacks because they are the true hidden treasure.

Leprechauns, rabbits and addict frogs are ruining so much that is good and true about life. But we don’t have to fall under their influence. And it starts with St. Patrick’s Day.

So today when you’re dining on corned beef and cabbage…

When you’re watching Michael Flatley the Lord of the Dance

When you’re spending quality time with friends at a pub…

Don’t forget why we celebrate St. Patrick to begin with. He was a faithful servant of God who spent his life sharing the gospel of Jesus. And if that’s not worth celebrating, then I don’t know what is.

What St. Patrick’s Day traditions do you have?


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