2011 Bottom 5 – #5: #172 – Michael Vick

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I wrote this post after drafting Michael Vick in three of my four fantasy leagues. Seeing how things turned out for the Eagles and my fantasy teams, I wish I could have a second chance.

I participated in three fantasy football drafts this weekend and Michael Vick ended up on each of my teams. I drafted Vick because I think he can help my teams win but his is also a great story.

It’s great that Michael Vick is actually getting his second chance; he has appeared repentant and made the right choices since his release from jail. I worry, though, that Vick’s second chance wouldn’t have been so quick in coming if hadn’t led the Philadelphia Eagles and numerous fantasy owners to the playoffs. 

As a nation we can be very forgiving, especially when it comes to athletes. If athletes are repentant and seem to change, we can forgive them. The process of forgiveness can be accelerated, though, by winning. If Michael Vick hadn’t had an MVP type season I don’t know if he would be as far along in his second chance as he is. If he was still riding the bench or had a mediocre season, he might still be that “dog fighting guy” instead of that “guy who won me my fantasy league”.

Everyone deserves a second chance, but that second chance shouldn’t be based upon whether or not someone is a winner or a loser. The second chance should be based upon grace and the person’s willingness to change and embrace the new chance he or she has been given. We shouldn’t withhold grace and forgiveness based upon performance; we should freely give them to the winners and the losers because, when we do, everybody wins.

Except for my fantasy team, if they lose, I won’t be full of grace.


1 comments on “2011 Bottom 5 – #5: #172 – Michael Vick”

  1. I have to say, as a resident of the Philly area, I was skeptical when the Eagles took Vick on. But not only has he (generally) performed well on the field, he does seem to be making what amends he can off the field, so I commend him for that. (Although my skeptical/cynical side is quick — too quick, I’m sure, given the Lord’s admonitions against judgmentalism — to point out, “Yeah, well, you would, too, if you stood to make millions of dollars.” )

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