#250 – Nerdy Toy Giveaway


I spent yesterday working at a toy drive in Hollywood with our high school group. We were setting up everything so that thousands of toys and school supplies could be given away to almost 2,000 kids. It’s a great opportunity to serve others and make Christmas possible for some kids who might not experience it otherwise.

Since it is a toy giveaway a lot of the toys are donated by others. Some are great and some are not so great. Here are five toys that piqued my nerdy interest.

The Eye of Sauron

This has got to be the worst toy ever. What kid would want the Eye of Sauron? It’s the light up eye of source of all evil – go have fun. Playing with the Eye of Sauron should join torturing cats as a sign of a potential serial killer.

Edith Keeler

Our youth group has helped at this toy drive for the last four years. Every year I see a lot of the same toys from years prior. There are still Episode 1 Burger King toys to be had. I remember seeing this Edith Keeler action figure last year. To call Edith Keeler an action figure, though, would be a gross overstatement. She comes with a teapot, typewriter and purse, everything a woman from the 1930s who was visited by the crew of the Enterprise would need.

Major Don West – Lost in Space

I saw the 1998 remake of Lost in Space in the theater. I don’t remember it being very good but it starred Heather Graham and that was enough for my 16-year-old self. The move also starred Matt LeBlanc as Major Don West, the dashing hero sent to keep the Robinsons safe. This toy is over 13 years old and it’s still available to brighten someone’s day, which is more than can be said about Joey.

Star Trek 20 Questions

Honestly, even though she’s on the box, who would ask a question about Captain Janeway? Other than, “Why is Janeway the worst Star Trek captain ever?”

Star Wars Republic Frigate Lego Set

I hate to admit that I was envious of the child who would get this gift. I remember registering for this Lego set for my wedding and some lucky kid is going to get it on Christmas morning. How awesome is it, though, that some kid who may not have gotten any presents, is going to get this amazing Lego set? Thinking about the smile on that kid’s face almost erases all of my envy.

It has been great serving in a way that is going to directly impact those in need. It’s also fun to look at all the toys and feel like a kid again. It’s not as much fun, though, to have to put all the awesome toys down and get back to work.

What were your favorite toys to open on Christmas Day?


2 comments on “#250 – Nerdy Toy Giveaway”

  1. An Edith Keeler action figure?!? I’m with you, that’s a surprising choice, although not unwelcome. I did some reflecting on Edith last month over at The Sci-Fi Christian (http://thescifichristian.com/2011/11/was-edith-keeler-the-dorothy-day-of-star-trek/). I wish I’d known she’d been immortalized as a toy! (Well, I guess I wish I’d known!)

    Great job to you and your youth group for helping with the toy drive. Hope you all experience special Christmas blessings!

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