#247 – Nerdy Christian Presents


When I was younger I would scour the Toys ‘R Us and JC Penny catalogues a month before Christmas, composing a list that would have taken my parents’ combined annual salaries to fulfill. I obviously didn’t think I would get everything on my list but it was worth trying. Come Christmas morning, though, I was usually upset as my parents went off the list and bought me sweaters and shirts instead of G.I. Joes and Ninja Turtles.

Whenever I asked for a Bible, though, I was always sure to get it. Most faith-related presents will always to show up beneath the tree. Ask for a Bible or a Rick Warren book and it will definitely come down your chimney. Here are some nerdy Christian presents guaranteed to fill your stocking.

Bible Software

Bible software is super nerdy. In order to love Jesus and follow his will for your life, you don’t need Bible software. Bible software is for pastors, seminary students and people who want to sound really smart by saying, “Well in the original Hebrew this is what that word really means.” I never wanted to be that guy but I’ve found Bible software very helpful when preparing sermons and studying. Having immediate access to various commentaries and lexicons gives some insight into the Bible but not that much. Inspiration from God’s word doesn’t come from Bible software. Inspiration from God’s word comes from the Holy Spirit. So if Bible software didn’t make it on your list, you still have the Holy Spirit. But if it did make it on your list there’s a good chance you’ll be pretentiously quoting Hebrew and Greek in no time.

The Chronicles of Narnia

 A few years ago I asked for the complete set of The Chronicles of Narnia and I unwrapped it Christmas morning. My mom was nice enough to get me a box set with all seven hardcover books. The books tell allegorical tales related to the Christian faith that are both entertaining and inspiring. Not only can the books spur spiritual growth, but they also look good on a bookshelf. Even if you never read the books, having The Chronicles of Narnia tells people that you care about your faith but you do so in whimsical, childlike way. Just make sure they’re far enough removed from your Twilight and Harry Potter box sets: Cullens and Voldermort take away Pevensie and Aslan points.

Left Behind: Eternal Forces

Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of Christian-themed video games to ask for at Christmas. One of the worst options would definitely be Left Behind: Eternal Forces, a computer game based on the Left Behind series of books. In the game players control members of the “Tribulation Force” and attempt to convert the unconvinced, sometimes by lethal force if necessary. Nothing screams the love of Christ like killing people if they don’t accept him as their Lord and savior. Actually, when it comes down to it, the only real use for Left Behind: Eternal Forces would be as an example of negative evangelism.

None of those items made it onto my list this year. My list was populated with nerdy items but I don’t think the Blu-rays for Thor and Captain America have much to do with Jesus. In the end, though, whether the gift is nerdy, Christian or neither, a present is nothing more than an expression of love to someone else.

I certainly hope no one loves me so little to get me Left Behind: Eternal Forces.

What nerdy Christian presents have you received?


3 comments on “#247 – Nerdy Christian Presents”

  1. Money. To spend on as many books as I can get.

    The more sentimental might not like it, but I don’t NEED sentiment to know my family loves me. It is NICE but I don’t need it.

    What I am giving is a short story.

  2. Can’t speak to Thor as I haven’t seen it, but Captain America, as I recall, ends with Cap sacrificing himself (or at least intending to – providence and ice floes had other plans) to save innocent lives, right? Maybe not much to do with Jesus directly, but perhaps, in that moment, Cap is a kind of Christ figure? Just a thought!

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