#236 – Raiders of the Lost Underwear

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I read an article in which Steve Spielberg explained that he wasn’t entirely sure how Raiders of the Lost Ark would end. I guess this fact enrages people who have never liked the ending of Raiders. Their argument is that the same thing would have happened to the Nazis whether Indy was there or not. Instead of single-handedly defeating the Nazis, Indy just closes his eyes and the Ark of the Lord takes care of business.

I’ve never had any problems with the ending of Raiders. I like that God beats the Nazis and shows that he’s still in charge.

I have always thought that it would have been great if one of the Nazis danced in front of the Ark like David. How awesome would it have been if Hans or Franz had stripped down to their boxers and danced in front of the Ark all the way through the desert?

I love that story out of 2 Samuel when the Ark is brought into Jerusalem. I love David’s complete and total passion for God. He is so excited that God’s presence is coming into Jerusalem that he can’t help but dance in his underwear. It’s like he had a fever and the only cure was more dancing.

I read that passage and I want to have passion like David. I want to throw off all inhibition and just give everything I have to God. Unfortunately, more often than not, I’m like David’s wife, Michal, who stared at David with disgust while he danced and worshipped the Lord. Sometimes I see people who are so passionate about God but instead of being encouraged I give into my cynicism. It’s so easy to write impassioned people off as dreamers or overly emotional. Instead of joining in their celebration of God, I’m too busy staring at them with disgust and withholding my worship.

We shouldn’t walk into church or down the street in our underwear worshipping God. It worked for David but he was the king. So while we shouldn’t mimic his attire we should try to worship with his same passion. And that doesn’t mean just singing loudly in church or raising our hands during a song, but it means passionately worshipping God in all that we do.

Our underwear shouldn’t be on display for all to see but our passion for God should.

How do you respond when you see people passionate for God?


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