#211 – Halloween? Bah Humbug!!!

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I don’t like much about Halloween, but this older video from the Today Show is one of my favorites.

The video is a little long but toward the end the Ewoks, who were allegedly drunk, begin acting out and confirm what Return of the Jedi told us: Ewoks know how to party.

Partying really does seem to be the focus of Halloween these days. I remember when I was younger and the focus for everyone seemed to be on children dressing up and going trick or treating. Now it seems that the focus is on finding the best party to which people can wear their skimpiest and most revealing costume.

Obviously I’m no longer a child and I don’t yet have children, so it’s possible that I no longer see the trick or treating aspect because I’m not a part of that world. But, from talking to a number of people, trick or treating seems to be down across the board and adults seem to be claiming Halloween as their own more and more every year.

Really my disdain for the current trend in Halloween has nothing to do with parties or adults dressing up or women thinking that lingerie is an acceptable costume. When it comes down to it, I just don’t like Halloween that much.

A lot of Christians don’t like Halloween because they think it’s evil or celebrates the devil. In all honesty I couldn’t care less about that aspect of Halloween. Like Christmas and Easter, most of the pagan associations with Halloween have faded into history. More than anything, Halloween is now about costumes and parties. Even though it’s not that evil I still don’t like it.

I used to really like dressing up and going trick or treating. In elementary school it was fun to dress up and see all the other costumes. That childhood affinity for Halloween has faded as I’ve gotten older, though, and now I only look forward to Halloween so it can give way to real holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I feel like the Ebenezer Scrooge of Halloween. I don’t think any ghosts will visit me, though, because Halloween doesn’t have that many redeemable qualities of which I need to be reminded.

I’m actually very excited for Halloween when I have children of my own. I think it will be a lot of fun to get them dressed up and either take them trick or treating or to some harvest festival at a local church. Until that point, though, I’m happy to ignore Halloween like I will this year and treat it as any other day.

I’m an adult and Halloween isn’t for me.

And if you’re an adult, it’s not really for you either.

Give it back to the kids.

Bah humbug.

How does Halloween rate on your list of favorite Holidays?



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