#210 – Cheap Bible Costumes


I still don’t like Halloween but you can check out yesterday’s post about extravagant Bible costumes.

Since Halloween is fast approaching and time is limited, I’ve created a list of cheap and simple Bible costumes. Try donning one of these at a Halloween party this weekend.


Noah could be one of the most extravagant costumes ever. If you wanted to dress up like Noah before the flood you would need a giant boat, a massive flood and two of every animal. Even Siegfried and Roy couldn’t pull that off. But dressing as Noah after the flood would be really cheap and simple. You wouldn’t even need a costume, just some empty wine bottles. It could even be a group costume with three of your friends dressed as Noah’s embarrassed sons.

Potiphar’s Wife

This is another costume that would require minimal effort. From everything I see in advertisements, most women’s costumes appear to be nothing more than lingerie with a pair of ears or a tail. To dress as Potiphar’s wife you wouldn’t even need the ears…maybe not even the lingerie. The only necessary accessory would be a robe, preferably a Technicolor dream coat if possible. Potiphar’s wife was the original cougar so this might be a perfect costume for an older woman on the prowl.


When the Ark of the Covenant Is brought to Jerusalem for the first time, David cannot contain his joy and dances with all of his might before the Lord. He was so impassioned that he stripped down to his underwear and made like an Old Testament Chippenale’s dancer. This costume requires some underwear and a replica of the Ark of the Covenant. If you could make it into that large government warehouse to get the real Ark, though, that would be even better.


Another simple costume for the ladies. I always wonder how culpable Bathsheba is for the entire situation with David. She was just taking a bath and how is anybody supposed to say “No” to the king? Culpable or not, the Bathsheba costume would be cheap and simple. Again it wouldn’t require any costume just a couple props. A shower cap would add to the costume as would a bathtub. The best option for a bathtub would be the one that walks from A Nightmare Before Christmas.

Demon-Possessed Man

As I wrote about earlier this week, I would love to see a herd of pigs rush to their death in 3-D but wouldn’t want to see a naked, demon-possessed man jumping out of the screen at me. This is another simple costume that wouldn’t require anything more than a couple props. You could put a pair of broken handcuffs around your wrists and rub some dirt all over your body and face. Really getting into this costume would be a lot of fun but could also land you in an insane asylum or at a pig farm.

Obviously I don’t condone any of these costumes as they’re inappropriate, illegal and immoral. The best option for a cheap costume is to raid a closet at church and go as a wise man, shepherd or Mary.

Just be sure to do it before Monday so no one sees you take it before the Harvest Festival.

What other cheap Bible costumes could you wear on Monday?


7 comments on “#210 – Cheap Bible Costumes”

  1. Haha i actually got some good laughs out of this one. Very Funny.
    On another note, good luck explaining why you kept typing in “Nake Bible Characters” into your google image search 🙂

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