#209 – Extravagant Bible Costumes


I don’t like Halloween and I’m planning on sharing those thoughts next Monday.

For today and tomorrow, though, I thought we’d take a look at some biblical Halloween costumes. Since you have a little more time to pull a costume together today, we’ll look at some more extravagant options. Tomorrow, when people are trying to throw something together, we’ll look at some simpler options.

Here are some extravagant bible costumes.


There is one part of a Goliath costume that would make it extremely extravagant: the height. Goliath’s massive height is really the only thing that separates him from any ancient warrior. If an average sized man dressed like Goliath, everyone would simply assume he was Maximus, Spartacus or any other slave who led a revolt against Rome. In order for people to know that he was Goliath, he would have to grow five feet. He would also have to bulk up to Hulkian proportions and have a costume and weapons proportional to his massive size. So, unless you can grow five feet and add 200 pounds of muscle by Monday, it might be best to choose another biblical character. Or, find a small child, dress him as a shepherd, give him a sling and keep him with you all Halloween.


One of my friends likes to say that Esther’s spiritual gift was being hot. While she was undoubtedly beautiful, it was her courage and trust in the Lord which really set her apart. Unfortunately an Esther costume would take more than courage and trust to pull off. An Esther costume would be extremely extravagant because she prepared for an entire year before she even saw the king. She did six months of oil of myrrh treatments and six months of treatments with perfumes and cosmetics. To really be Esther for Halloween, a woman would basically have to spend a year at the day spa. Not only would that be expensive but it would also be impossible; it’s not a year spa, it’s a day spa – D-A-I-Y-E.


If height caused a problem for a Goliath costume, then the opposite would be a problem for a Zacchaeus costume. Zacchaeus’ shortness was so profound that Sunday school children regularly mock it through song. In order to really pull off a Zacchaeus costume, someone would have to employ the same techniques used to create the Hobbits in Lord of the Rings. If you wanted to be Zaccaheus you would need a green screen, a proportionally larger tree, a much bigger house and a little person dressed exactly like you. Or, like Goliath, find someone much taller than you, have him dress like Jesus and keep him with you all Halloween.

Not only are these costumes extravagant but the references might be too obscure. There’s a good chance that the reference would be lost at a Halloween party or trick or treating. It’s a good thing, then, that there are a plethora of harvest festivals or trunk or treats for those churches that don’t like celebrating Halloween.

What other extravagant Bible costumes can you think of?


3 comments on “#209 – Extravagant Bible Costumes”

  1. “One of my friends likes to say that Esther’s spiritual gift was being hot. ” The laughter while reading that was priceless. Thanks for sharing.

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