#202 – Toys “R” Us


Alycia, my wife, graduated from college in June and has been looking to begin her career. Obviously now isn’t the most ideal time to look for work. So until she can get into her field, she recently got a job at Toys “R” Us.

Toys. Freaking. “R”. Us.

If you had told me when I was 10 that my future wife was going to work at Toys “R” Us my head would have exploded. Like telling at 15-year-old Nick Cannon that he would one day marry Mariah Carey, I would have been dumbfounded. I wouldn’t have believed that my future wife would have access to any toy imaginable.

Since God’s favor is obviously upon Alycia and me, below are some toys I wouldn’t mind getting this Christmas with her employee discount.

Death Star/Super Star Destroyer Lego Set

I recently walked past the Lego store at the mall and the above Lego sets stopped me in my tracks. I knew that both existed, but to see them completed astounded me. As I stared at them through the window my breath fogged up the glass like a dog waiting to be let back inside. Even with an employee discount, both these sets would still carry a hefty price. The Death Star set costs around $400 while the Super Star Destroyer Set costs $550. Even with my blind love for Star Wars and Legos, I would have a hard time justifying either of those purchases. Maybe I could write them off as a business expense. All I need to do is preach a sermon about perseverance and use the completed sets as a physical example of what perseverance looks like. It’s a win-win situation: I get two awesome Lego sets and our church’s congregation would forever remember the need to persevere.


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an upcoming video game for which I couldn’t be any more excited. It’s the follow up to Oblivion, a game I played for over 100 hours. Skyrim will be released on 11.11.11 and I certainly hope Alycia’s employee discount will have kicked in by then. I don’t know if I’ve been this excited for a video game ever. That excitement is mixed with a little trepidation, though. I don’t know when I’m going to find time to fully experience Skyrim. It will be hard to find 10 hours to play a new video game, much less 100. I might just have to take some vacation time in November or convince some high school students that a great way for us to hang out would be to have them watch me fight dragons and skeletons.

Cities and Knights

Yesterday I wrote about a marathon game of Settlers of Catan. The original version of Settlers doesn’t take too long to play. The Cities and Knights expansion, though, greatly increases the length of the game. When six people play Cities and Knights the game can last longer than any of the extended editions of the LOTR movies. The Cities and Knights expansion practically creates a new game with barbarians, city walls and new resources. The only thing preventing me from creating a Christian Catan community that lasts twice as long is the price tag. While not nearly as expensive as a Death Star Lego set, the Cities and Knights expansion is a little pricey and doesn’t necessarily fit into the budget right now. With a little extra income, though, and Alycia’s discount, we might be on our way to a 6-hour game of Catan in no time.

Beyond the possibility of new toys, I’m most excited that God has provided a job for Alycia. As I said earlier, it’s difficult to find a job right now and it’s a blessing that God provides. This job is actually a better example of persevering in prayer than the Death Star Lego set.

But I still wouldn’t mind it sitting on my desk.

What toys or games are you looking forward to getting this Christmas?


7 comments on “#202 – Toys “R” Us”

  1. The Lego death star looks cool and so dose the ship. But I would not spend 500 bucks on that. I could get a decent flat screen TV or a brand new computer.

  2. Really excited that my 9 yo son enjoys Star Wars legos. Best excuse to buy them. We have fully completed the battle of Endor. We were just sad when my husband said we couldn’t leave it on display forever.

      1. Dude, you’re wife works at Toys “R” Us, that’s more than an excuse to have toys laying around. 3 years before my first kid was born, I had a star wars party, I was 25. Got a ton of Star Wars figures.

  3. Last year I used Transformers action figures.. I mean figurines to talk about being transformed by the Holy Spirit. I’ve used Yoda before too. As you said with the Lego Death Star, these are preaching aides and help in creating sermon illustrations. You might even be able to get the Lego Death Star as a tax write off.

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