#187 – Kindle


My sister got one first.

Then Alycia, my wife, got one.

I wasn’t sure I wanted one but, for my birthday, I got my own.

The Kindle.

Amazon’s e-reader has been on the market for nearly four years and has revolutionized how people read books. I was unsure about whether or not I even wanted an e-reader and now, with a Kindle in hand, I’m still unsure. 

My biggest reservations with the Kindle come from my library of paper books. Before I had a budget or a responsible wife, I spent a lot of money on books. I would buy books at a rate faster than I could possibly read them. I’ve stopped buying as many books but people keep sending me new ones. If I didn’t add any new books to my library, I imagine I would have something new to read for at least five years if not more.

I have a lot of books that I had planned on reading and haven’t yet gotten to. Now, with a Kindle, are those books simply a lost cause? I’m looking forward to reading books on my Kindle, in fact I just finished a paper book and began an e-book. I’m scared that I’ll enjoy the Kindle so much, though, that I’ll refuse to go back. And the library of books I’ve collected will go unread, unless I pay for the digital copies.

The Kindle is a revolutionary product and it will be interesting to see how it continues to alter the reading landscape. I’m taking me first steps into this brave new world but I might leave a trail of breadcrumbs to find my way back.

How do you feel about e-readers? Do you have one? Would you ever get one?


5 comments on “#187 – Kindle”

  1. My Kindle definitely spoiled me for “real” books. I can’t even read them anymore. Luckily I didn’t have an extensive library pre-Kindle, so I didn’t feel bad about buying a fair number of books when I first got it (even though I did re-buy some of my favorites).

    Kindle is awesome.

    1. That’s what I’m worried about; that I’ll be spoiled for all the other “real” books sitting on my shelves. I wish there was a way to get discounted e-books if you already have the hardcopy.

  2. ive been thinking about getting an e reader too. but im not sure i can justify owning one, i dont read very much, but it is something i have been wanting to do (read more books). but i imagine if i was going to start a collection of books, i would start with an e reader. im not condoning this behavior but isint there a fairly large market for the equivalent of “jail breaking” an e reader and obtaining any book you want?

  3. I finally got a Wii and next thing you know something newer comes out. I will always preferre paper books. And why buy them when you can check them out for free at your local library.

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