#175 – Power Outage

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I really want to live in San Diego.

I have discussed this with Jesus time and time again and I just don’t know if he’s going to let it happen. Even after yesterday’s power outage, in which practically everyone in San Diego County was without power, I still want to live in San Diego.

I can’t imagine that far-reaching of a power outage. I began to think of all the things I couldn’t have done last night had the power gone out.

  • I couldn’t have watched the NFL season opener.
  • I couldn’t have finished my sermon.
  • I couldn’t have listened to six hours of the classical station on Last.FM through my Xbox.
  • I couldn’t have written this blog post mere minutes before it posted.

There’s a lot of stuff that I couldn’t have done had the power gone out. Thinking about it, though, there are some other things I could have done. 

  • I could have talked with my wife instead of watching the Saints and Packers.
  • I could have read the Bible by candlelight for pleasure instead of for work.
  • I could have called a friend and congratulated him on his new job.
  • I could have gone to sleep earlier and not worried about having to post fresh content to my blog.

I don’t think that second list is any better than the first; it’s just different.

We all have a limited amount of breaths on this earth and we should make sure that we are getting the most out of them. Some of those breaths have to be used on work, school or relationships. We should take inventory with the ones that aren’t reserved, though, and make sure they’re not being wasted.

I wouldn’t mind wasting some of breaths or all of them in San Diego, though.

How do you try to maximize your breaths?


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