#173 – Different Hats


We kicked off our midweek youth group last night and it was awesome. We had a good group of students and most everyone seemed like they were having a lot of fun. I was really excited to get through youth group, though, because it was just one more thing to clear off a very crowded plate.

I’m also preaching this weekend, have a number of meetings to attend, projects to complete and blog posts to write. And I’m not nearly as busy as many of you. 

We all wear different hats that pull us in different directions. I’m a pastor, blogger, husband, brother, friend and nerd, just to name a few; your hat rack might be much fuller than mine. Part of life is learning how to wear all these different hats and maintain all these different roles even when each one demands some of our time and attention.

For me that means staying up late to work on projects, writing shorter blog posts and trying to fit in some sleep whenever I can.

Even when we’re extremely busy, though, we cannot lose sight of God’s very clear command to rest and be still. A Sabbath may seem counterproductive to accomplishing our hats’ different tasks, but it gives us an opportunity to focus as well as something to look forward to when we need it most.

My Sabbath is coming up on Saturday and, even though I’m pretty busy, I’m already excited to unplug, recharge and spend time with my loved ones and God.

And maybe take a nap.

How do you stay focused yet still find time to rest in the midst of a busy season?


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