#170 – Diary of a Fat Nerd 3

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I’d prefer to have no news than bad news. If I think a question or phone call will unearth some bad news, then my natural inclination is to avoid that question or call. Obviously this isn’t a desirable trait especially when it comes to my health.

So, as I’m on the cusp of turning 30, I am continuing my efforts to live better, eat healthier and exercise more. At 30 men are supposed to begin the process of annual checkups to ensure good health and long life. At this point I’d prefer to have no news about my health than bad news.

That mindset, though, isn’t going to help me make it my 60th anniversary. 

It won’t help me have a significant influence on my grandchildren.

It won’t help me make the greatest impact for God’s kingdom that I can.

That kind of mindset, which turns me into an ostrich about my health, is itself unhealthy. Before the year is out, I know that I’ll have to visit my general practitioner and go through a routine physical. It’s my desire, though, that the results from that physical come back as positive as possible.

To that end I have doubled my efforts to be healthier. I’ve meandered at the same weight for months, not really making any progress. Any progress I would make, though, was erased by a high school trip or a few days on vacation. Now that my schedule is back to normal, I’m excited to get back on track. That track now includes working out twice a day when possible. That’s a lot of time on the elliptical but I know it will be worth it when looking at the results of that first physical.

Because I know Google will eventually take over the world, I’m also employing technology in my effort to lose weight and be healthier. For almost two years I used the Livestrong app to count calories. I recently switched to MyFitnessPal. MyFitnessPal actually creates a community of people with whom I can interact and can hold me accountable for reaching my health goals.

God loves us exactly how we are but, the healthier we are, the longer he’ll have to love and use us. And I want him to love and use me for a long time, even if that means seeing a doctor for both the good and bad news.

What steps have helped you to be healthier?


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