#167 – The Water of Life

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I consider myself a top shelf nerd. I would be willing to place my nerd pedigree alongside anyone else’s. I may be lacking in Harry Potter knowledge but I more than make up for it with Star Trek: The Next Generation and video game knowledge. Any pride I felt in my nerd knowledge, though, was erased when I read about this:

Compassion’s Water of Life.

I’m a nerd but my nerdiness has done nothing to better the world. The nerds who invented Compassion’s Water of Life have potentially saved the lives of millions of people. 

As you can read on the website, the Water of Life is a filtration system that can provide one million gallons of safe drinking water. The unit is self-contained and never needs to be replaced. Access to clean water is priceless yet the genius nerds at Compassion have accomplished this feat for $55.

Fifty. Five. Dollars.

$55 is all it takes to provide a family with a lifetime of clean water.

Even though I know millions of people don’t have access to clean water, I still take it for granted. Every time we get a glass of water, brush our teeth or take a shower, we should say a quick prayer of thanks that God has blessed us with access to the very building block of life. Even if your tap water tastes bad, at least it won’t kill you.

I’m not telling you to immediately donate $55 to give the Water of Life to someone. I don’t have $55 to donate so that would be a little hypocritical. Even if we never have $55 to give someone the Water of Life, though, that shouldn’t keep us from thanking God for the multiple ways he sustains our lives on a daily basis.

We would never be able to enjoy our nerdclinations if God didn’t give us breath to breathe or water to drink. He is the source of life and gives us the opportunity to share the gift of life with those in need.

To donate, please click here.

How do you express gratitude to God?


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