#164 – Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs is retiring from his position as CEO of Apple.

This news wasn’t that trumatic to me.

I am not an Applephile like so many people I know.

I don’t have a large part of my stock portfolio invested in Apple (I don’t even have a stock portfolio).

I don’t own a Macbook which I fear will become obsolete with Jobs’ departure.

While I’ve never really emotionally invested in Jobs or the company he created, I have marveled at his creativity and his ability to innovate. I remember the first time I used an iPod; I was completely floored by that small piece of technology. It boggled my mind to think that my numerous CD wallets, with my hundreds of albums, could fit in the palm of my hand. The iPod went on to resurrect Apple and led to further innovations in technology like iTunes, the iPhone and the iPad.

It’s so easy to appreciate creativity and innovation because those qualities are at the very center of God’s character. The second thing we learn about God from Genesis is that he is a creator. I don’t know if Steve Jobs believes in God or not, but his creativity and innovation are a reflection of the infinite creativity and innovation of our Heavenly Father. 

As followers of Jesus we should be happy to recognize the heart and character of God wherever we see it. Before Rob Bell wrote a book about hell, he also wrote that since Christians understand the truth then we have the right to claim truth wherever we see it.

If we see the truth of redemption though Star Wars, then we can claim that and talk about it.

If we see the truth of envy through Othello, then we can claim that and talk about it.

If we see the truth of creativity through Steve Jobs, then we can claim that and talk about it.

Because God created the world, the truth about his heart and character is revealed all throughout, even in places we would least expect to find it. So when we see God’s character revealed in a movie, a sunset, a book or a piece of technology, we should be moved to reflect upon who God is and the endless wonder of his character.

I’m extremely grateful to Steve Jobs. His innovation and creativity transformed the way I listen to music with my iPod and the way I connect with the world through my iPhone. Beyond that, though, I’m grateful that he reflected God’s creativity and innovation, even if he didn’t know he was doing it.

What unexpected places have you seen the truth of God’s heart and character?


3 comments on “#164 – Steve Jobs”

  1. I heard about a study that showed that the same part of the brain that “lights up” when having a “religious” experience, also lights up when using Apple products. Freaky.
    Sometimes i really think the Western world is the reconstruction of Babylon.

    1. I found the article that you referenced; it might make a good blog post.

      The Apple brand triggered a religious response in its devotees. Much like an image of Jesus will trigger that same response within me. I may not be an Applephile but I wonder if I would have a “religious” response to Chick-fil-A or Star Wars.

      I don’t know if the western world is a reconstruction of Babylon. Some of the fiercest criticism in the prophets was reserved for God’s chosen people. And, even in its sinfulness, Babylon was still used by God to carry out his will.

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