#160 – LOL


The Bible is very clear about lying

You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor. – Exodus 20:16

Truthful lips endure forever, but a lying tongue lasts only a moment. – Proverbs 12:19

Do not lie to each other, since you have taken off your old self with its practices. – Colossians 3:9

Lying is wrong, hurts our relationships and shouldn’t be a part of our new lives in Christ. Even though the Bible is explicit in its attitude towards lying, there are countless of Christians who do it every day, often times without even realizing it. This epidemic of lying is best represented by three small letters.


LOL has lost all of its meaning. Every time we use it without actually laughing out loud we are making ourselves out to be liars.

LOL is supposed to stand for “laugh out loud” but has transformed into verbal filler for texting, tweeting and Facebook. LOL was conceived as shorthand to express true amusement at the statement or thought of another. If I texted a joke to a friend and he or she responded with LOL, I assumed that the joke did indeed make my friend laugh out loud. Now, however, LOL is as ubiquitous as definite articles, smiley faces and <3.

Just look through your recent text messages or Facebook activity. There’s a very good chance that LOL pops up time and time again, often in conversations that don’t warrant it. LOL is everywhere and we’re past the point of reclamation. Much like Hollywood reboots languishing film franchises, we need to reboot LOL and give it new life.

We need to embrace a new way of communicating the actual act of laughing out loud. We’ll all feel a much greater sense of accomplishment when our texting partners and Facebook friends share with us that they actually laughed out loud at what we shared.

“LOL” has lost its meaning. It’s time to embrace “LLOL” – literally laughing out loud.

What better way to say, “I am literally laughing out loud” than the acronym LLOL? People could still use LOL as verbal filler, but if we wanted to communicate that we truly laughed out loud, then why not embrace LLOL?

Did someone send you a legitimately funny joke that made you literally laugh out loud? Respond with LLOL.

Did someone’s Facebook status make you literally laugh out loud? Like their status and comment LLOL.

While composing a text did you type a thought that made you literally laugh out loud? Share how amused you are with yourself and type LLOL.

LOL is a lost cause but, from its ashes, we can start something new. We can create a more honest world in which laughing out loud literally means laughing out loud.


How do you share true amusement through texts, tweets and Facebook?


4 comments on “#160 – LOL”

  1. It would be much better if everyone was just more careful in how they communicate (regardless of the method). Rest assured, if I ever claim “LOL”, I at least chuckled briefly. 🙂 (I really did just smile)

  2. I presume then that Tolkien was lying because there was no actual Middle Earth? Unless he really did receive the Red Book of Westmarch from some Hobbits hiding secretly perhaps?

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