#133 – What If Captain Kirk Was On Your Mission Trip?

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For the next week and a half I will be in Honduras on a mission trip with my church. Our group will be building a church and running VBS for the village. I’m excited to see what God does during the trip and how he works in and through our team. Thinking about our team, I began to wonder what it would be like if Captain Kirk was a member of our mission team.

Captain Kirk spent his career exploring strange new worlds and seeking out new life and new civilizations. If anyone was qualified for a mission trip to a foreign country, it was James Tiberius Kirk. Here’s what you could expect from Captain Kirk on a mission trip. 


Captain Kirk definitely had a hands-on approach to leadership. Instead of sitting in his comfy chair while others participated in away missions, Kirk was the first to beam down regardless of the situation. Many of those situations ended up involving fisticuffs. Captain Kirk was always throwing down with one alien or another. His fight against the Gorn is right up there with the Thrilla in Manila or that time Mike Tyson bit off Evander Holyfield’s ear. Most mission trips don’t end in fisticuffs but, if Captain Kirk was involved, it would almost be a foregone conclusion. I don’t think Kirk can visit a foreign culture and not get in a fist fight. Hopefully the fight would be for a just cause like protecting a village or defeating an alternate universe version of himself.


It could be said that Captain Kirk was a lover and not a fighter. For every face that Kirk punched, there was another that he held tenderly in his hands during a romantic kiss. Kirk was basically a 23rd century sailor with a woman in every port. What’s nice about Kirk is that he truly embraced the open-mindedness of a more evolved humanity. Kirk didn’t care if his women were green, blue or covered in fur; he was an explorer when it came to his love as well. Obviously his amorous tendencies would be a liability on a mission trip. Mission trips are about serving God and sharing the gospel, not spitting game and getting your swerve on. Though, if Captain Kirk was on your mission trip, he would give new meaning to the term “missionary dating”.

Red Shirts

If Captain Kirk went on your mission trip no one would wear a red shirt…ever.

Captain Kirk isn’t on our mission trip and I think we’ll manage without him. We have a great team and I am truly excited to see how God uses us together. The beauty of the body of Christ is that we’re called to work together; we work best when we work together. Even though he was a great captain, if I had to choose between our team and Kirk, I’d choose our team every time.

Unless there are Klingons in Honduras.

How have you seen God work through a team on a mission trip?

As I’m on a mission trip this week and next, the blog is on autopilot for the rest of this week and might not get updated next week. Thanks for your understanding. – Scott


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